Friday, March 21, 2014

So You Want To Read The Sequel To EVE....

[Image credit Mort Kunstler]

If you've read EVE, I know you're anxious for the sequel, IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE.

Let's talk about that, okay? As a writer (and an accidental one at that), it's been such an interesting journey to go from an idea, to a published book. Really. Try to imagine it. It's kind of like the artist's depiction I've chosen... I believe this is a rendition of the PGF. So, to stumble upon something so amazing - yet intimidating - is life changing.

Comparing an encounter with a sasquatch and writing a book... um, I know that many of you won't appreciate or relate to it, but, it's true and it's astonishing. I can't believe how many of you are chomping at the bit for the next book!! :)

And, we start filming THE TRAILER in mid-June!! How crazy is that??? {CASK STUDIOS -}

I am so very grateful for each and every one of my fans. You all have carried me through some rough times. I'm not sure you are aware of that because I am a pretty private and neutral person but I ran into some real serious problems in the beginning... haters, jerks and a-holes hell-bent on the destruction of a person who would *dare* try to move in on "their" territory OR! God forbid, not agree with their - ahem - beliefs, so-called "encounters," or points of view....

Jeez, so, SO tiresome.Well, guess what? YOUR LOSS. And that extends to the one who claimed to be a friend but then tossed me to the side like a cigarette butt because I had to chase down services I PAID for. You're the butt, buddy, not me. You are the one who "likes" everyone in the community. That's not very discerning, now is it? There are many who should not be liked. Phonies and hoaxers are some I can thing of, eh? If you ever don't want to be HATED... ha, well, good luck. Business comes at a price. Always.

I've never understood people who will do anything to be adored/liked/worshipped.

Argh... back to a GREAT story. So, in EVE, you got to read all about Anna and her overwhelming circumstances. You read how it insanely changed her life. It left you wanting more and it left you wanting to know more about EVE and her family.

In IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, you will see a change. Anna is no longer the scared thing she was in EVE, because she is irrevocably altered after her encounter. So now, she is determined and defiant, wanting - demanding - what she knows she must complete. And... wait for it... you get to hear my version of the SASQUATCH mind. Now, that's extremely risky given there are so many in the BF community who profess to *know* what goes on in the mind of bigfoot. You'll not hear EVE... but rather, her daughter, Me-aka. I kept EVE out of the narrative for a reason. One you'll see in the final installment of The Elusive Trilogy. It's important for readers to know this is a different writing... a new perspective. It's very important to know. People who haven't read EVE and pick up IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE might be lost. I don't think so much so that they won't be able to get the gist of the story.

I will be marketing IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE as a sequel, with great offers to buy EVE along with it. April and May will be full of marketing madness!! I've also enlisted the help of CASK Studios Director of Photography, Sam Sanchez, to enhance this website. To add to that, I will have exclusive artwork depicting Eve and Me-aka done by Geof Chisholm!

Finally, it looks like I have some new *competition* in this genre, by an author who is more famous for a whole different type of thing. No names mentioned and I wish them all the success in the world. Competition is good. :)

Look for IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE in mid-April!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Never Ending Controversy Of Sasquatch

[Image credit Bigfoot Community]

I will start this post with a simple phrase: For the love.... !

This phenomenon draws a lot of really great people. I am fortunate to have many of them as FB friends. Thank you all for your continued support!

On the flip-side, sasquatch (and everything it entails) also has its fair share of weirdoes, psychos, sociopaths and, let us not forget the most common: angry, bitter jerks. I am convinced that no matter what kind of evidence is presented, there will never be common ground. I say that because we have the ultimate joe-schmo who refuses to give up and go away. The guy who has gone to EXTREME lengths to present something that is clearly, clearly a very bad, bad hoax. Why? First, he thinks he is smarter than us. Second, he wants money. Third? He's an asshole and wants revenge. It's that simple to me. Yet, page after page, post after post, goes on and on about it, and HIM. Why, why, WHY?

Well, who doesn't love a controversy? Be honest now... I mean, really? What would we do if there were none? Sure, it's easy to say we'd do this and do that. But when it comes down to it, no one is immune to the lure of a scandal. No matter how utterly ridiculous it is - and we've all seen some doozies - we can't resist a tantalizing subject matter. It's in our nature to point out persons or social situations that may affect the human routine. Our logic. Our raison d'etre. Sasquatch is rife with controversy and tantalizing tease. Get the two together, throw in some egomaniacs and jackasses and BAM: scandals and their subgroups of hoaxes, misinterpretations and plain, utter BS abound! It all gets sensationalized too. Media is over the top nowadays, which is truly in your face. The proverbial train wreck; we just can't seem to stop looking.


I lamented not too long ago that when I was trying to publish EVE in 2012, I had to contend with the release of a  DNA "paper" (and now there are fiction books coming out of that camp??? Hmmmmm). With IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE (IMR) and publication looming on the horizon, I have to contend with other shock-jocks?? Jeez!

Forget it. Let's stay positive here.

The latest: editing is just about done; interior formatting is complete; cover design is just starting (but well on its way, see below examples). I decided to do it all myself. Last time, with EVE, I had so many people involved it was crazy!! I was dependent on them for too much and as a result, EVE was published over a month late. I lost out on holiday sales from that situation, plus, I wasn't completely happy with the final product but was between a rock and a hard place. I chose the hard place :(  Now, with IMR, I am doing it all (except editing, of course - thank you Steven Streufert!!) so I will only have ME to whom I will answer. This second book of... wait for it... The Elusive Trilogy, will be clean and crisp. Remember, Anna knows what she wants this time around. While there is still a great deal of mystery, there is much more determination.

The other thing to keep in mind is there are other characters in IMR. Anna's husband will have a profound impact. There is also the viewpoint from Me-aka, the young female sasquatch Anna met in EVE. She is Eve's daughter. People who are reviewers have asked "why didn't you portray Eve as a character?" To me, Eve needs to remain how Anna describes her (and now, how Me-aka does too) because she is why Anna is there. I don't know if I can explain it but it is important that she (Eve) remain somewhat *mysterious*.... I have a plan for the third book that will reveal why that is. :)

In the meantime, here is the excerpt that will be printed on the back cover. Enjoy. Coming up this spring/early summer is the filming of the trailer!! More details on that to come... :)

“Eve!” I yelled out. “Help! Me-aka?!” but they had disappeared. I tried to stand and skid down like they did, but promptly lost my footing, this time sliding with no control, rocks cascading with me. I cried out and finally came to a stop. The dust I’d kicked up swirled around me. Now what?? The slope looked even steeper now, and I would break my neck if I tried again. The quiet of mountain settled in as I sat and waited.

Some time passed and I found myself getting impatient. I called out again, but only silence greeted me back. I picked up a rock and threw it downwards, towards the trees, and cursed loudly. Then came a whoop, and another, and another, coming from the tree line. What the…? Wood knocks began at what seemed like one end of the enormous valley and quickly resounded through to the other end, all right below me. Dear God. I started shaking. Though my fear for my life had mostly left me, my fear of Eve and her species had not, and would never fully go away. They were wild and fierce, and deserving of fear from us. It grew eerily quiet and I stayed still, breathing quickly. The sun was casting long shadows down the ridge and slope. I strained my eyes at some movement below. Eve? Me-aka? Thank goodness!

It wasn’t them, however. Slowly, with the stealth that belonged to them and them only, several figures emerged from the trees and began making their way up the slope.

And they were coming toward me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bigfoot Popularity Contest

[Image credits unknown]

What a spastic week it's been.

In the recent past, I've been accused of waiting to "pounce" which was/is not true, but I'll tell you what: I have never seen anything like what I've seen lately. There are certain people in the bigfooting community who have gained a bit of "popularity"... some with agendas. Unfortunately from what I see, BIGFOOT is the last on their list. What's first? Take others (perceived rivals or enemies) DOWN. Or, make them pay for what they've said or done in the past. (Revenge much?? Really... try yoga for God's sake). To me, the most irritating thing is the support of hypocrites. You can dish it out but you can't take it?? Wow. Maybe you should take another look at your life, eh?

Now, on to other things (because the crappy drama can suck the life out of one in this endeavor).

Bigfoot is popular and getting more so every day. There's a downside to that, obviously. This newfound popularity... some of it reminds me of a certain reality family. Like the one whose last name starts with a "K"? From what I hear, that show doesn't really offer anything except to show privileged people go about their lives. I can honestly say I've never watched it, or any other reality show with regularity.

What does this have to do with bigfoot? It's gone the reality route, that's what. But unlike the "K" club, which actually offers a line of fashion products - that happen to be quite popular - just what are we getting from all these new and existing series-based bigfoot shows? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Some laughs. Some irritation. Some shock jocks and drama-queens. Lots of stumbling around in the woods, looking silly. Is this what it takes to keep the spotlight and interest on bigfoot for mainstream America (or even the world)? God, I hope not. DISLAIMER: Some of the people on these shows have good, and true intentions. Others on these shows... not even an ounce of decency! And we won't mention the moron with the fake dummy. What a dummy. Ugh.

Call it what you will but the unfortunate thing is media sensationalism is sasquatch's best friend, AND enemy. Anyway, I just don't know what to think about it all.

That's one of the many things people ask me: why aren't I involved locally and why not do more promotions for my book? Two reasons... I'm not seeking recognition in the way many others are and, I only want to share my story about Anna and Eve. Yes, there is a screenwriter interested in the storyline but the likelihood of a movie coming to fruition is pretty daunting. Even if I get a "short" filmed, which is something I'm being encouraged to do, and attempting.

It's all about the story. Nothing ulterior motives, nothing. What I love most (why I write, really) is how much YOU love EVE. Please don't forget that. :)

The sequel to EVE, IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, should be done with editing by the end of January. After that, it will go to design, for which I am exceedingly excited. I think readers will really enjoy this second installment and how I've gone into real detail about the sasquatch's daily life. Publication is still set for March...

Now, hide. Like we know that you do....

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Inside The Mind Of Sasquatch

[Image credit Jesse D'angelo] Happy Holiday Season to all!!

If you were a sasquatch, what would you think about?

Surely they are self-aware and cognizant of the world around them (not relying entirely on instinct - though that would play a gigantic part of everyday life) they plan things? Recognize significant events? Have deep and profound emotion? Dare I say...fall in  some sort of "love"??

I am pondering these questions because the more we continue to delve into this complex and consuming mystery, the more stories surface involving emotive encounters. There are several vocal people around who claim not only do they experience emotion and the obvious intelligence that goes with it, but they seek out humans for more!

Is that possible? I have no idea, because I lack first hand knowledge.

These concepts (thoughts and emotions) are a lot of fun for me as an author though. As Iron Mountain Ridge continues to be reviewed, the editor is very supportive of my "sasquatch speak" and the chapters where I write as the sasquatch (third person). It was quite fun and interesting to do and my reviewers really loved it. I could have just gone off with Anna and continued first person with her but I had feedback from readers wanting to know more about bigfoot's mind and thoughts!

So, I gave it to them. Now certainly many readers of this sequel will experience a myriad of feelings reading these passages...humor, confusion, empathy, anger, uncertainty...just to name a few. I'm anxious to see the final product because the ending is quite wide open for the third installment. And my goal is to get readers caught up in WHAT will happen next??

Here is what the editor is saying so far:

"Well. It is as I said it would be.The story is good. I like it."

".... real big problem among Bigfooters in their conception of Bigfoot is the anthropomorphic tendency. I think the important things are the DIFFERENCES. Assuming they are real... They are clearly not "human" like we are, even though they are apparently quite clearly close relatives."

I'm no exception with the anthropomorphism. It's very difficult *not* to do. Otherwise, there are two other choices (in my opinion) - paranormal and monster. I think I have a little bit of everything but mostly EVE and her family are human-like relatives. I absolutely keep the differences a huge part of the story too.

The publication date is pushed a month now to March. I am going to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference where I have a vendor table so by April 24th, it's gonna be published. :)

Here is a key chain my husband got me for inspiration. Anna is the hero of the story after all. She perseveres and conquers her crazy brain to have the experience of a LIFETIME.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Editing Bigfoot

[Image credit Scott Davis]

It's here...the day editing begins on Iron Mountain Ridge. The completed manuscript is on its way to the editor. I will say this: it's gonna be a trilogy :)

With that, I am extraordinarily pleased to announce that Steven Streufert, owner of Bigfoot Books and Bigfooter Extraordinaire/PGF Location Verification Expert has graciously agreed to complete a comprehensive copy edit of Iron Mountain Ridge. Here is what Steven had to say about Eve:

"I just finished EVE. It's very damn good, probably the best Bigfoot novel I have ever read. Unlike so many of the other stereotypical fictional depictions of murderous, exaggerated monsters, EVE is really, actually good. It applies sympathy to the topic and the creature while still preserving an intriguing otherness. As an exploration of the unknown and possible, EVE succeeds."

As I was printing out the manuscript to send to him, I realized just how far Anna and Eve's journey goes with this installment. The really great thing is I was able to unleash my imagination and take it to new heights. It's what I'm gonna call a HOT MESS. It's crazy and fabulous, nutty and wondrous plus scary and eerie all at the same time!

So with Guy Edwards of Brainjar Media and Bigfoot Lunch Club designing the interior and cover plus Steven doing the editing, I think we have a very fine mix for a fabulous sequel to Eve. December will be a flurry of not only holiday fun, but grammatical edits, reworked paragraphs and chapters, color schemes and font choices. I simply cannot think of a better way to spend my time.

There will be special holiday pricing for signed copies of Eve. Watch for the sale to begin in the next few days!!

Let the HOLIDAZE begin....

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Road To More

[Image credit Scott Davis]

Here it is, the fast approaching holiday season of 2013! Where did the year go? Well, if you're into bigfoot, the year was passed watching several debacles unfold and a couple of big disappointments revealed. But hey, the mantra "Year(s) of the Sasquatch" wasn't coined for nothin'....and 2014 will be here soon enough. I wonder what's in store...? One thing that never changes are the battlegrounds that erupt whenever a tiny morsel of bigfootdom is thrown into the ring for all bigfootologists to nosh on. There just isn't enough to go around so people invent their own. Many times, the inventions end up being a giant vat of things that should never be mixed together. A kind of sasquatch goulash, I guess. But taken with a proverbial grain of salt...some of it can almost be palpable. :)

How was that for a paragraph about nothing really? You know, like Seinfeld...the show about nothing. I get a lot of inquiries as to why I won't take sides or support this or refute that on social media. Here's why: what's the point? Until bigfoot is proven, none of it really means a whole lot except to the individuals/groups/shows/blogs that are created which feed our obsession in such a tremendous frenzy. I've found the minute I do post an opinion, there is someone there to jump on it and make it into something it's not. Trust me, I have plenty of opinions and some have gotten me into a heap of trouble so I'm very selective about what I post. And, I've lost "friends" over the whole thing. Unfortunate?Absolutely. But people are people and I would never, ever dictate what a person should say or do or believe or advocate (okay, husband aside...hehe). People have free will for a reason. So I'm proud to say I'm not a sheeple :-)

Iron Mountain Ridge (IMR) will be entering the editing phase in just a couple of weeks. I've had three reviewers so far and have received a collective "kudos." [Thank you very much!!] But, none have read the ending, which is a shocker! I wasn't sure I could pull this off to be honest and once you write something that people become impassioned with, there's a lot of pressure. But, I buckled up and took off at a gallop. And, much thanks to Civil Twilight's Letters From The Sky for the inspiration. Music affects me deeply and if it hadn't been for Coldplay's Paradise playing as I power walked on a treadmill, crying over the ending scenes of Eve...well, there you have it. So, dear readers, I will be heavily promoting "Letters..." when IMR is about to be released. It's a beautiful song! I will also have several giveaways and some awesome promos.
Stay tuned, the fun's just beginning.

As promised, here is a new excerpt from IMR. You don't get any background because the part will speak for itself. Just know that Anna has returned, like she said she would. You're coming back for me....

[Iron Mountain Ridge, Copyright, 2013, J.M. Bailey];

"Eve!" I yelled out. "Help! Me-aka?!" I tried to stand and skid down like they did but promptly lost my footing, this time sliding with no control, rocks cascading with me. I cried out and finally came to a stop, the dust I'd kicked up swirled around me. Shit. Now what?? The slope looked even steeper now and I would break my neck if I tried again. Slowly the quiet of mountain settled in as I sat and waited. Some time passed and I found myself getting impatient. I called out again but only silence greeted me back. I picked up a rock and threw it downwards, towards the trees and cursed loudly.
Then a whoop. And another and another coming from the tree line. What the...? Wood knocks began at what seemed like one end of the enormous valley and quickly resounded through to the other end, all right below me. Dear god. I started shaking. Though my fear of my life had mostly left me, my fear of Eve and her species had not and would never go away. They were wild and fierce and deserving of fear by us. It grew eerily quiet and I stayed still, breathing quickly. The sun was casting long shadows down the ridge and slope. I strained my eyes at some movement below. Eve? Me-aka? Thank goodness!
But it wasn't them. Slowly, with the stealth that belonged to them and them only, several figures emerged from the trees and began making their way up the slope.

And they were coming toward me."

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Contentious Contents

[Image Credit unknown]

The next couple of months are going to be mighty busy and exciting. Not only will the bigfoot world get to see the results of a *prestigious* DNA study, but we'll also continue to get more fodder with the sham hoaxes that still perpetuate. Not sure about you, but good lord...enough is enough! I guess it provides good debate and endless entertainment even if it's exasperating. What always boggles my mind is how worked up many people get over the "issues" and "evidence" and the verbal bashing that ensues against anyone who doesn't think the way they do. I guess it's not too surprising. We are only humans after all and certainly more known for contentious disagreements than peaceful ones. Sometimes I gotta say, I love to sit back and watch the show. How about you?

So what's next? Oh yes, getting a so-called type specimen. Don't kid yourselves, there are groups and/or individuals with this goal and this goal only. I'm not advocating anything either. Just the more you read about encounters - especially all the new or newly recounted ones coming forward on radio shows, blogs and websites, the more you hear about missed opportunity because of the strong reactions involved during an encounter. And even with one group in know, the most outspoken pro-kill group? I listened to their latest podcast from this last summer and was astonished to hear how opportunity and circumstance elude them as well. Professional hunters! They claim they are cracking the code though and that's it's just a matter of time. Perhaps they're right. And I'm certain theirs won't be some silly circus side-show. They claim it's truly about conservation......... I was asked a question not too long ago on a radio show about what I would do if I came face to face with a sasquatch. And I like to say when asked that kind of thing, that I would swing my ever-ready camcorder right at it. But...but. There are just too many variables. And I practice a lot out in the wilds. Some of you have seen my crappy and hilarious vids..."JM Bailey's Wilderness Adventures." That's one of the reasons I laugh my a** off when people ask why there isn't definitive video. Go ahead, I want to say. Give it your best shot.

Anyway, not to side-track because many are impatiently waiting for Iron Mountain Ridge. So without further ado, here are the title and table of contents pages! Not sure about the last three chapter titles and they may get re-worked. So just take a moment and let your imagination run wild based on what's here... and envision Anna and Eve and their continued journey.





The Journey Continues


Written by

J.M. Bailey







1                    Aftermath

2                   Return

3                   Where The Wild Things Are

4                   When I Say So

5                   Monster

6                   Dangerous Liaisons

7                    Leaving Me Now

8                   Fall Away

9                   Journey

10              The Gathering

11                How Things Work

12               Damage Control

13               Decision