Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Expert" Bigfooting and the Proverbial 15 Minutes

Well, it's next week and there is no captured bigfoot. Stomp that dead horse! I must say, I'm relieved.  You see, every single time such an outlandish claim is made, it sends a jingle of apprehension through the spines of just about every bigfooter around. We all want to know, to see but most don't want a live OR dead specimen. We obsess over the possibility relentlessly - we can't help it. When all is said and done, most of us agree that just some really great footage would suffice! And then there's the potential D....N....A evidence. Sheesh. There is so much controversy surrounding it that there is absolutely no way on earth it will ever be viewed objectively. No matter who publishes it...IF it ever sees publication, that is.

That brings me to the point of this particular blog. "Expert" bigfooting and *ahem* - FAME. I write about this because of some personal experiences I am having in the crazy world of Facebook. Wow, just WOW, as they say.

Tell me how you are an expert in something that has not been proven to exist? How are you better than anyone else out there who does whatever it is they do? What standards are you going by, Mr. or Ms. "Expert"?? Unless you've lived among them, studied them face to face, analyzed available data and published good solid AND scientifically acceptable material regarding this as yet identified species, you are in the same boat as everyone else!! Get your "accolades" whatever you need to validate yourself but know, know you are absolutely no more an "expert" than anyone else. 


And, just on a personal note. I will post what I want...the "Share" button on FB is there for a reason, you know. Get your 15 minutes any way you can. Even if it means being a jackass. As for me?? Not seeking any, thanks. My mark will last as long as it lasts.

Oh, and Eve is now available on Kindle.  :) Next week...I will post REVIEWS. 

And I am sending a copy to a screenwriter at THEIR request.  Shhhh.

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