Monday, January 7, 2013

Now What, Daisy? Please Answer!

"Daisy in a box"...a sasquatch capture.  A live bigfoot.

Huh.  Really??

Not to be a doubting Thomas (okay, yes to be just that) but I find the whole thing much too fantastical.  Don't you?  I mean, it could happen but there have been far too many "cry wolf" scenarios and this group is doing just what no one can tolerate: being secretive...cryptic...dangling the proverbial carrot.  And it was all started by a rather oblique member in least oblique to many.  A person very, very outspoken and aggressive.  Mean-spirited even.  Now I don't know about you but if I was a part of something so EPIC...I wouldn't want this person anywhere near it.  Period.

We have no choice but to let it play out.  Hands are tied.  AGAIN.  God help me, I would love to come back next week and say holy s***, it's true.  I somehow don't think I will though.

Anyway...sales of Eve are brisk.  The Amazon store is up and running and Kindle will be ready in about a week.  The feedback I'm getting is mostly positive.  The one negative is Eve really only is a novella.  Quick and easy read, cut to the chase type of book.  No frills...just thrills.  I did that on purpose, ya know.  The next book will have the beef.  In more ways than one.

Watch for more drawings on copies to send out will be arriving this week.  And, a sweetheart of a sale coming later this month. 

Daisy...if you are reading this...kick 'em where it counts.

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