Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So Far, So Interesting

It's been not quite a month since the furor of publishing Eve............

The reviews are coming in as are the comments. It's mostly been really good. The major complaint is the reader wanted more. That's a good thing, in my opinion. I won't bore you with them here (they are NOT boring, LOL!) but please visit my fan page, Eve on Facebook - they can all be found there. Bigfoot Evidence, Crypto Crew, Bigfoot Field Reporter, SquatchTalk Uncensored, etc. I have my first "5 star" on Amazon and Kindle sales are good.  At some point, I will compile them onto my fan page for one stop reading. What I want to know is how readers see events unfolding in the next book, Iron Mountain Ridge.

The most challenging thing? Keeping everyone's attention. So much is thrown at us everyday, it's no wonder we get confused on who's who and what's what. And the damn "enter" button on the keyboard should have the equivalent of a field sobriety test, I swear. If you're intoxicated, angry, sad, psychotic.......whatever, there should be a way of preventing a future regret being propelled into cyberspace. I think Facebook secretly has that capability already. I know some things that were meant to be posted which mysteriously get that canned message: "an unexpected error occurred...".

Plus, the constant and ceaseless confusion surrounding so many things in bigfooting. The DNA results, of course, from the Sierras Evidence Initiative for one. And David Paulides response, then Bart Cutino's challenge. So difficult to keep track of.

I'm attempting to...reach out and put a conference on the table for late summer. Try to get some of the big players to come talk about all the discord, the confusion, the harshness that is the bigfoot "community" today. Don't know that it will happen, but it would be really cool. A conference in Northern California?? Bluff Creek, the Redwoods, the Sierra site? The HEART of it all.

Mmmmm, so could be called "The Peace of Bigfoot." Ha!

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