Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where Are The Bigfoot(s)?

I am seriously doubting the REAL bigfoot out there. Where the heck are you? Everyone keeps promising they will show your face. But it's just been epic fail after epic fail. The latest is so and so is going to look at a FROZEN BODY. Jeez.  Give me a break.  All of us!

But, to me, there is no going back. It's as real as can be and you can't say "oops", it's only a joke. Oh and can we not argue about bigfoots or bigfeet or a sasquattle of sasquatch? BIGFOOT is enough for now!

I am going to a few select sites in extreme NorCal early March. The heart of the Redwoods. It's so amazing there and you really can't get enough in just a few days. You would need weeks and weeks. I do hope it's tantalizing as I expect it to be.

Back to Eve...big sale NOW just in time for sweetheart day - Valentine's.  Check the link in the upper right corner for paperback or Kindle! I have another radio show Friday (3rd one!) and the reviews are still coming in strong. I even got a royalty payment. Ha-Ha! Now that was a grin-maker, albeit small. Again, I'm not in this for bank - heck........really? Have you seen how many GD bigfoot books are out there? Holy hell. I'm just pleased as punch people love the story. That is payment enough for me. And, the next book will have even more of more! That is, if I could find time to write...trying to keep attention on sales and Facebook and blogs and radio shows can take up all your time.

To the heart of it all... Bigfoot? I know you're out there. And I love ya, man.

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