Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Many More Rings Can Be Added?

Okay first off the really, really good news:

"Coming off the completion of their feature film Walk Away, Cask Studios has enthusiastically agreed to option my novel Eve, and adapt it for the screen. I'm extremely excited and pleased to begin work with Dominic Orozco, Gerald Morris Jr. and Samuel Sanchez Jr. on this endeavor...."

Cask Studios

All I can say is WOW. How amazing, exciting, intimidating, scary, overwhelming, fantastic and CRAZY is that?? When I first started this, I had absolutely no idea anything remotely close to this would ever happen. Heck, I couldn't even believe the damn thing got published. I'm sure glad it did and readers have been telling me how much they love Anna and Eve's journey. And, there are more and more reviews on Amazon which is fantastic! Keep 'em coming! Radio shows and interviews too...it's all very, very wonderful and fun.

I put a squirrel picture up because someone (a very talented artist named RobRoy Menzies) told me I had "TMB...too much bigfoot" and sent me the cute little rascal. I can't stop bigfootery. I just can't. :)

But on to the other *news*...the ongoing and never ending Dyer debacle. Not to worry, April is just around the corner and it (whatever the hell it is) will be revealed. I'll bet he's just pissing and moaning how everyone else is getting attention and he's not. Who else, you ask? Ha! How about for starters, a certain "statement" made by an infamous shooter. I'll not post his name here as I've met and hung out with him...and, the interview for the "Sierra Kills" driver was done at my house last August. Let's just say he brought to light some interesting claims against Dr. Ketchum. I have just one question: did she not know she was on speaker phone with several others listening (and two kids running around...) when she said all that fantastical stuff? Just wondering.

Speaking of the DNA evidence...seems that came under some pretty intense scrutiny just today. An unsavory post on a blog had several young "scientists" ridiculing her data. I'm not saying one way or the other on the validity nor am I a "Ketchumite" by any means...just the way with which people insist on undermining others and bringing to light what they consider to be folly in the most obnoxious manner.

Lastly, Matilda. Oh Matilda. You even have your own song! And Bill Munns laid his reputation on the line for you....you wookie mask you. Is it even you...are you for real? I have a sinking feeling WE will never know.

Like the big guy below says (in my head anyway): "Figure it out already. Either I'm real or I'm not. I can't and WON'T be in between." (Artist RobRoy Menzies)

Three ring circus and growing.

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