Monday, February 18, 2013

Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out....

(Art by Terry Thomas)

Along comes a bigfoot DNA paper. Yes, a bigfoot DNA paper^Even this guy looks surprised.

And not just any DNA paper. THE paper. The one we've all been waiting for. Good, bad or ugly - it's out there now. It's like when you say or do something you shouldn't have or weren't sure can't take it back and say, "ha ha, just kidding!" And now, we have to sort through it, and either read and interpret or wait for someone else to do so. I know I won't be reading it because while I love science and have formal training in its field, there is no way I even pretend to understand genetics. And from what I understand, even those types of experts are perplexed by what's written in the manuscript.

In all fairness, if the science stands up and can be replicated, it would be no wonder it is confusing and fantastical. I mean, it is bigfoot for god's sake. Not some new species of salamander! If and when the frenzy dies down (probably take a good 5 years or so - PUN intended) and people accept the fact that is was published on a site purchased by the lead of the paper, Dr. Ketchum...then and maybe then we can all find some kind of common ground for establishing the species. But wait. What about the Matilda footage? Oh dear lord...sorry, I just cannot buy into that. At ALL. Can we say Star Wars anyone?

But, the paper is not the end of all the controversy - not by any means (people would create some even if there was none to be had, but hey, it's LIFE and there's plenty to go around!). There is still the lingering "body" in Las Vegas (can't wait for that to show its true colors, ha ha), the conflicting other DNA results which show a 100% different result than what Ketchum got on the supposedly same sample, the in-fighting, name calling, drama ridden bowl of goulash that makes up this community. It's as crazy as it is sane because sane has a different meaning here.

And, if you won't accept an alternate meaning to that word, then you need to find yourself a new mystery to solve.

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