Friday, February 8, 2013

Well, Isn't This An Interesting Turn Of Events

This guy looks a little peeved, don't you think? I wonder why.

Flashback to 2008 - two guys claim to have a dead bigfoot in a freezer. Made CNN, lots of others. Turns out BOGUS. A really, really bad hoax...laughably bad, and Bigfooting is never the same. One of the "players" ends up running helter-skelter with "tracking" thereafter. Laughed at and scorned, he becomes angry and petulant, hell bent on teaching the community a lesson. Yikes. Scary, huh?

Forward to early fall, 2012. A video surfaces showing a purported bigfoot out a tent mesh window. It's showcased, analyzed and predictably torn apart. But, it *looked*'s known who shot the footage. RED FLAD - it's none other than R. Dyer, aka Freezer Boy.

And, there's a BODY. The collective shiver went up the spine of many a bigfooter when that was "released", leaked? Whichever.

Normally, I wouldn't give this P.O.S the time of day. But, I want to present some theories here because there is a certain rabidity that bigfooters are known for and it's out of the ballpark right now.

We all know the history: Minnow Films is making a documentary about "Of Monsters and Men" or similar which will show the world the underbelly and sometimes sordid aspect of cryptid hunters. Freezer Boy being one of them. It's my interpretation from this information that the film will show how utterly, completely and undeniably obsessed bigfooters can be. So much so that they will do ANYTHING for their cause. In this case, it's the lesson he needs desperately to teach us. Because no one, NO ONE will outdo ole' RD. We are the stupid ones, not him..........  I'll leave his character assassination alone. It's a dead horse.

Oh, and he'll make a few bucks too.

Then along comes the penultimate skeptic who gets to "view" the purported body located in - wait for it - LAS VEGAS. He comes back swearing up and down "IT'S REAL, IT'S REAL" but that's all he can say. Nothing to show, no pictures. Nothing.

It's on fire now and the community is raging, demanding, calling names and hurling threats and accusations with a fervor never seen before. What's really happening here? I'll tell you what I think...... So, let's say there is a "body" and the big name skeptic saw it. What IF (and I will lay out a theory here):

1 - the film company offered to "make" a body
2 - someone paid for them to do it and shit yeah, does it look real as hell. They've got special effects people and loads of talent along with them
3 - they will "unveil" it in a movie out on say, April 1st and it will be a big hit. That is, if no one exposes it for what it really is beforehand
4 - they, along with FB (collective acronym for Freezer Boy AND FB/FB, et al) make some serious dough along with MORE infamy
5 - more people get to "view" the body and come away perplexed and confused but no one gets to bring away anything other than their "opinion"
5 - the rest of the bigfoot world is left to kneel down in awe, run like hell, vomit, find a new hobby or go try and solve it once and for all ourselves (AGAIN and forever) and it goes on and on and on
6 - we keep chasing our tails until *a* DNA paper "comes out" and it starts anew

All the time the big guy is alternately shaking his head and laughing his ass off while he peeks at us here and there and maybe, just maybe throws us a REAL bone from time to time.

But not one we can analyze..................

And not this, thankfully. It will be much more realistic. :)

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