Saturday, September 28, 2013

Iron Mountain Ridge...The Sequel

[Image credit - Coast to Coast]

Well, this is it my friends. I'm in the final throes of sequel writing. I'll be honest, I've been languishing, enjoying the new friends I've made, enjoying them enjoying Eve. But I knew with the way things happened, that I would need to do the deed or stop. And I'm doing the deed! Cask Studios wants to incorporate both books into one feature. How cool is that??

Let the fun begin! I've contracted with Guy Edwards of Brainjar Media to complete the interior and cover design. And for those of you who love the cover of Eve, Iron Mountain Ridge will be even more cool! I hope to have editing begin by the end of October, 2013. If I'm lucky and everything goes well, it might get published by the end of December, 2013. In the meantime, I've enrolled Eve in Kindle Matchbook for just $0.99!! Get it now............. The price of Eve here on my website will be raised to $12.95 in the next week or so. Hint, hint. :)

In the meantime, here is a little snippet that is the synopsis in the works:

"In this highly anticipated sequel, Anna returns to Iron Mountain Ridge in search of Eve and Me-aka. Bringing along her husband, David, the two of them embark on a new journey together to cross the bridge of cultures between the species. What they find though, far surpasses anything either of them could have possibly prepared for and a series of events is set in motion so intricate and complex, only one of them will be able to complete what was started. Join them as they climb high and encounter the ethereal unknown world that was started in Eve and comes crashing to the end of yet another life changing event. Will this be the forever end? Or will Anna and David come to terms with and accept their new roles in the lives of Eve, her clan and their species?"

Join us Sunday night on Blogtalk Radio with the Bigfoot Hotspot Guys, Woody Pratt and Wes Germer as we talk about all things bigfoot and listen as I read an excerpt from Iron Mountain Ridge!! We may even have a give-away. ;-) Go to for more details.


  1. Hi Mr Baily ! Your book called Eve is selling for $2.99 not .99¢. Thought you wld like to know

  2. Thank you very much for checking for me Ms. Baily

  3. Hi - hopefully Kindle got it figured out. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  4. Eve was great... I can imagine myself right there in the middle watching Eve as she strides up the mountain. Looking forward on reading "Iron Mountain Ridge" and see how the group is fairing!