Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bigfoot Popularity Contest

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What a spastic week it's been.

In the recent past, I've been accused of waiting to "pounce" which was/is not true, but I'll tell you what: I have never seen anything like what I've seen lately. There are certain people in the bigfooting community who have gained a bit of "popularity"... some with agendas. Unfortunately from what I see, BIGFOOT is the last on their list. What's first? Take others (perceived rivals or enemies) DOWN. Or, make them pay for what they've said or done in the past. (Revenge much?? Really... try yoga for God's sake). To me, the most irritating thing is the support of hypocrites. You can dish it out but you can't take it?? Wow. Maybe you should take another look at your life, eh?

Now, on to other things (because the crappy drama can suck the life out of one in this endeavor).

Bigfoot is popular and getting more so every day. There's a downside to that, obviously. This newfound popularity... some of it reminds me of a certain reality family. Like the one whose last name starts with a "K"? From what I hear, that show doesn't really offer anything except to show privileged people go about their lives. I can honestly say I've never watched it, or any other reality show with regularity.

What does this have to do with bigfoot? It's gone the reality route, that's what. But unlike the "K" club, which actually offers a line of fashion products - that happen to be quite popular - just what are we getting from all these new and existing series-based bigfoot shows? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Some laughs. Some irritation. Some shock jocks and drama-queens. Lots of stumbling around in the woods, looking silly. Is this what it takes to keep the spotlight and interest on bigfoot for mainstream America (or even the world)? God, I hope not. DISLAIMER: Some of the people on these shows have good, and true intentions. Others on these shows... not even an ounce of decency! And we won't mention the moron with the fake dummy. What a dummy. Ugh.

Call it what you will but the unfortunate thing is media sensationalism is sasquatch's best friend, AND enemy. Anyway, I just don't know what to think about it all.

That's one of the many things people ask me: why aren't I involved locally and why not do more promotions for my book? Two reasons... I'm not seeking recognition in the way many others are and, I only want to share my story about Anna and Eve. Yes, there is a screenwriter interested in the storyline but the likelihood of a movie coming to fruition is pretty daunting. Even if I get a "short" filmed, which is something I'm being encouraged to do, and attempting.

It's all about the story. Nothing ulterior motives, nothing. What I love most (why I write, really) is how much YOU love EVE. Please don't forget that. :)

The sequel to EVE, IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, should be done with editing by the end of January. After that, it will go to design, for which I am exceedingly excited. I think readers will really enjoy this second installment and how I've gone into real detail about the sasquatch's daily life. Publication is still set for March...

Now, hide. Like we know that you do....


  1. My 3 step prescription for community drama is one, turn off t.v. set. Two, turn off internet. Three get out in the woods it's the last place you'll run into some of the folks that talk the most.

    1. If only that was everyone's prescription!! But then that may actually lead to solving this mystery...............